Are you hosting a charity Ball?

We can supply you with an event photographer often at no charge to you for your Charity Ball And we will also give you back a proportion of the proceeds  as a donation to your chosen charity. Your guests will have a lasting memory of your event and your charity will benefit too!

In our experience we have found that each person who buys a photograph will let everyone they show it to know the charitable cause of the event.


Professional Charity Photography

We can print a picture for a donation or set price for everyone to enjoy.

 A state of the art portrait studio area is set up where we pose your guests in front of one of our backgrounds, giving them a beautiful photograph to remember your event for years to come. 


On Site Printing


Your photos are printed on-site ‘while you wait’ during the event!  and your guests get to preview all the photos and only pay for the photographs they choose to print. Each photograph is supplied with a beautiful custom mount that sets off the picture beautifully.


Raise Money For Your Charity!!!


The set up is simple you get a donation for every 9×6 mounted pictures we sell.

If the Pictures are sold for £15* per print then your charity gets £2.50 from every sale.  That means for every 50 pictures we sell we bring in £125 for your charity. The added entertainment is also a great way bring excitement to your event.  All we ask is that a trusted member from your charity collect the funds at the end of  the night.

*We have other pricing and donation packages available including a pre-pay option please ask for details

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